Our Story


Rep Wax was built by athletes for athletes.

Rep Wax is a story of innovation and ingenuity. The idea for Rep Wax started several years ago when Demi Bagby was surfing in San Diego and had an epiphany. “If your feet can grip a surfboard with surf wax, then why isn’t there wax for grip while working out?” Demi then attempted to put surf wax on a pull-up bar which did not end well to say the least ;) The properties in surf wax were not quite right for what they needed. The team then set out to create something that could be used for all types of training. The concept for Rep Wax was born.

2 years later, after dozens of modifications and ingredient variations, they finally found the perfect formula. Rep Wax is here and ready to help you be your best!

Rep Wax ingredients have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. We are currently testing these properties with the goal of providing a sanitary alternative to get gyms back open and give everyone a safer gym environment.

If you’re looking for a chalk alternative, look no further than Rep Wax.